About Us

We grew up playing in the trees, seeing each one as alive and individual in its own right a place of nourishment, shade and play. We still believe that the mana of all trees must be respected.

Like any life left to grow unfettered, neglected trees can grow uncontrollably, wild, unruly, and even dangerous.

My name is Jade, and I am the director of Wellington’s finest team of arborists. My fascination with botany reaches all the way back to my climbing escapades when I was a kid. As an adult, I was lucky to receive years of professional training under the wing of Simon Palmer, one of the most respectful arborists operating today.

Respect for the majesty of trees is what sets the Elite Arboriculture team apart.

We see everything as part of the same ecosystem from our great clients to the wildly varying types of native and exotic trees dotted across Wellington’s suburbs. Elite Arboriculture knows that honesty and respect is the foundation for any client relationship and key to the health of your trees.

We’re proud to call ourselves arborists, and we’re proud to be leading our industry to a new standard of expert driven tree care.

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