More sunlight and more greenery for your land.

Pruning and Trimming

Tree trimming and pruning is an investment into the health of a tree. An untrimmed tree risks catching the wrong gust of wind and crashing onto something important like a boatshed or car.

Well-pruned trees are also more attractive and can boost property value. From thinning to reductions, on trees of any shape and size, our team has the skills to beautify and protect your property.

Tree Health

Weak joins and crossing branches are some of the things we keep an eye on in trees with an aim to remove before they cause issue. removing grasses from base and providing mulch are basic things you can do to help your tree be healthy and strong full of vigor.

If your tree looks unhappy often there is a contributing factor like pests or disease or maybe environmental. We can help to keep your tree happy and healthy.

Planting and Mulching

We can help you find the right trees for the right spaces. Away from hazards and overhead lines and choosing the right species.

If your after advice or if you would like us to take care of your planting we would be happy to do that for you it’s a nice change from the removals we sometimes do and gives the team a sense of giving back to the environment.

Felling & Removal

Cutting back wild growth to free up more sunlight on your property, removing damaged or diseased branches and restoring the aesthetic beauty of your space are just some areas where our expert pruning services can help you tidy up and restore order to your land.

Elite Arboriculture will grind and remove any stump, no matter how old it may be or who cut down the original tree.


Trees in tight, finicky locations can’t simply be chopped down. Like a game of pick up sticks, each branch and section of trunk must be surgically sliced from the tree and removed individually.

Whether you need an entire tree dismantled, or only part of a tree, our trained arborists can get the job done quickly, safety and professionally.

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